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About Simon & Lora
Founders of Unconditional Love Healing 


Simon Wing-Lun & Lora Radford are the founders of Unconditional Love Healing, and Directors of The Authentic Living Centre, Sydney's leading centre for conscious growth and transformation.

Their individual healing journeys and connection to unconditional love drew them together in partnership, to teach and share the art of healing and living from heart of infinite love.


After experiencing deep emotional and physical health challenges in hid childhood and early twenties. Simon began a path and quest of deep healing and spiritual awakening. But the deepest healing only occurred once Simon really discovered the true meaning of his emotions and core beliefs how to embrace them with unconditional love.

As a young child, Lora was abducted from her home, and physically and sexually abused. She continued to experience bullying and abuse over the course of her childhood, however much of this pain was suppressed until it emerged in a powerful spiritual/healing crisis as an adult. In the face of this great pain, she turned to purely to the unconditional love of spirit, which allowed here transform and heal what she needed. She has continued a profound healing journey following the love and passion of her soul into deeper and deeper joy.

See below for full bios:

​When I was a young child, I took

my life as it was for granted.

Some things seemed to be easier

for me than other children, but

other things were also very


School was easy at first, writing

and classes came easily.

But many physical things were

hard for me. In my younger years

I constantly had asthma, was

often sick, and my body would

hurt from doing just small amounts

of exercise.

As a teenager these things swapped places. I found I couldn't focus or study, but athletically I became about average or a little above, and didn't have as many health problems.

When I hit adulthood though, everything became hard. My health problems here for full bio

Simon ALC Web.jpg

One thing that I’ve learnt

from my life to date is that

anything is healable –

nothing can hold us back

from a life of joy and ecstasy

and full healing, if that’s

what we choose.


My healing journey started

when as a child, at the age

of 3 ½, I was abducted, raped,

and tortured in a violent
attack. During the attack I

experienced an extensive out

of body and near death


What was even more challenging
is that afterwards the people around me didn't fully understand what had happened to me, and weren't able to acknowledge or support me with the trauma this created.

During my primary school years I remember trying to make sense of how all the things I had experienced fit together..  click here for full bio.

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