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About Simon & Lora


Simon Wing-Lun & Lora Radford are the founders of Unconditional Love Healing, and Directors of The Authentic Living Centre.

As a young child, Lora was abducted from her home, and physically and sexually abused, and continued to experience bullying and abuse over the course of her childhood. Much of this pain was suppressed until it emerged in a powerful spiritual/healing crisis as an adult, where she had to learn to meet it all with unconditional love.

After experiencing deep emotional pain he didn’t know how to process in his early twenties, Simon developed chronic health problems and felt lost and as if he was struggling through life. This led to a powerful path of healing and awakening, but the deepest healing only occurred once Simon really learned to love all of himself unconditionally, and embrace the messages in his deepest emotions.


As their paths drew them together in partnership and to teach and share healing, Unconditional Love Healing has been the core spiritual practice that empowers them to continue to heal, grow and create a life fully aligned with love and freedom, where they enjoy teaching and supporting others to connect with their full power to heal through their Unconditional Love Healing sessions and trainings

See below for full bios:

Simon Wing-Lun

Lora Radford

​In my early twenties, I began a

personal quest to learn how

humans can use their full

potential for healing.


This quest took me to many

extreme places, and I learned

from many great teachers.


And what I found is that in

everything I learned there

was one great healing power at

the core of everything.

And this is the healing power of

unconditional love.


On my journey of healing I realised that whenever healing was blocked or limited, what was missing was unconditional love in some form.. click here for full bio

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One thing that I’ve learnt

from my life to date is that

anything is healable –

nothing can hold us back

from a life of joy and ecstasy

and full healing, if that’s

what we choose.


My healing journey started

when as a child, at the age

of 3 ½, I was abducted, raped,

and tortured in a violent
attack. During the attack I

experienced an extensive out

of body and near death


What was even more challenging..  click here for full bio.

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