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Simon Wing-Lun

In my early twenties, I began a personal quest to learn how humans can use their full potential for healing.

This quest took me to many extreme places, and I learned from many great teachers.

And what I found is that in everything I learned there was one great healing power at the core of everything.

And this is the healing power of unconditional love.

On my journey of healing I realised that whenever healing was blocked or limited, what was missing was unconditional love in some form.

And I discovered that when can truly love all aspects of ourselves unconditionally, healing anything at all is possible, whether it be emotionally, physically, relationally or spiritually.


Sometimes healing can be very fast, almost instantaneous and miraculous. Sometimes it can be deeper journey of transformation and growth over time.

But when we are willing to truly love unconditionally, you can heal anything you experience on the deepest level.

Our emotions are the key to actually applying and using the healing power of unconditional love.

And I realised on my quest that actually fearing and suppressing my own emotions, was one of the key factors blocking my healing.

And it was when I learned to truly love and accept my emotions, I learned to heal and transform the core beliefs and patterns that create difficulty and pain in our lives.


When I had healed myself to a certain level, I allowed myself to meet Lora, a beautiful partner in healing and sharing life from a space of unconditional love.

Lora’s unique life journey and her own connection to unconditional love helped me deepen my understanding and embodiment of love even further, and so sharing and teaching the power of unconditional love became our shared passion and purpose.

Unconditional Love Healing as we now teach it is the crystallisation of the unlimited healing power we hold within us all.

It is a way of transforming the deepest challenges we face, and opening to our fullest potential to live from joy, total empowerment, and ecstasy.

At this point in my journey I still use the principles of Unconditional Love Healing in my life every day. And as a result, my life continues to become more and more filled with love and joy as I take each opportunity to grow and align more fully with my authentic self.

Using Unconditional Love Healing to help others heal and grow remains one of my great passions and joy. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping people rediscover the true power of love within themselves, to release pain, and embrace their full potential for joy, freedom, health, and true happiness.


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