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Simon Wing-Lun

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When I was a young child, I took my life as it was for granted.

Some things seemed to be easier for me than other children, but other things were also very difficult.

School was easy at first, writing and classes came easily.

But many physical things were hard for me. In my younger years I constantly had asthma, was often sick, and my body would hurt from doing just small amounts of exercise.

As a teenager these things swapped places. I found I couldn't focus or study, but athletically I became about average or a little above, and didn't have as many health problems.

When I hit adulthood though, everything became hard. My health problems returned, and at the same time I struggled to study, and felt real emotional turmoil about where my life was headed, even if I did my best not to show it.




As hard as things were at the time, I came to become very grateful for those struggles. For they set me on a path of spiritual awakening and healing, which changed the course of my life forever.

At first fuelled by my own struggles and pain, in my early twenties I began a personal quest to discover our true potential for healing, and to live in alignment with the love of our soul.

On this journey I discovered many things, but the 2 most important form the foundational keys of Unconditional Love Healing.

The first being the true meaning of emotions, or what each emotion really is teaching us about what's needed in our healing process and the core beliefs we're holding.

The second
 is the primacy of unconditional love, being that wherever we are blocked or limited in healing, it is because love is conditional or limited in some way.

Discovering these things showed me how we can all utilise the true healing power of unconditional love, something we all have within us, but we simply forgot about at some point.


If I had not first known how to deeply heal and work with my core emotions, I probably would never have met Lora, or would have never been able to let in the love she would be able to give and reflect to me.

For it was only when I had healed myself to a certain level, learning from my own deep feelings of lack, fear and unworthiness within, that Lora showed up in my life with divinely perfect timing. And a new phase of my journey unfolded with her companionship to deepen and challenge me into ever deeper states of unconditional love 


Together our shared soul purpose is to embody and share the truth of unconditional love, and humanity's unlimited potential for healing and living in joy.

Lora's own experiences of intense journey and profound love have continued to deepen my own understanding of how deep a healing journey can go, and how powerful true unconditional love can be.

It's an honour to share this life and work with her, and to provide hope and a path for those willing and wishing to embrace total healing, unconditional love, and a life of authentic joy.


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