Simon Wing-Lun

Simon Wing-Lun is the founder of Unconditional Love Healing, co-founder of Tantric Connections, and director of The Leela Centre for Love and Freedom.

Growing up as young child Simon remembers seeing pain and suffering and wanting to make a difference in the world, but not knowing how. So fitting into the paradigm that was around him, Simon started on a corporate path, seeking to find happiness in superficial success.

A few years of sickness, emotional pain, and feeling lost in his early twenties led to a period of intense spiritual awakening, where Simon experienced profound psychic openings, physical healing, and memories of the spiritual nature of life and existence.

This led Simon to path of healing and spiritual teaching beginning at the age of 23. In Simon's first years of healing work he had many profound experiences and helped many people in powerful ways. Yet despite being completely dedicated to healing and learning for a number of years, Simon always felt something was missing in every approach to healing he learned and tried.
It seemed that in the world of healing and personal development people would get good results with a method or practice at first, but then not be able to create healing and change with their deepest issues and challenges.

For years Simon learned and experienced every approach to healing and transformation he could, until eventually he developed a new method for healing that consistently created profound results.

This method had two fundamental keys that weren't combined in any other approach he had experienced.

The first key was unconditional love. Applying the consciousness and energy of unconditional love to every issue and every situation.

The second key was uncovering deep layers of suppressed emotion and trauma. Simon realised that most people suppress a huge amount of emotion as children, and whenever they go through traumatic situations. Accessing these emotions and trauma, and connecting to true unconditional love was the ultimate combination of energies that healed anything at the core level.

It was soon after developing this unique method of healing that Simon met Lora, and discovered Lora had a similar connection and resonance with the healing power of unconditional love, but from a very different perspective.

Simon and Lora recognised this shared vibration of unconditional love within each other, which led them to enter into partnership in life and also in sharing the true healing power of love.

In addition to teaching healing and spiritual empowerment, Simon enjoys teaching and practicing tantra (the embodied experience of sharing love), dancing, and exploring all the many ways love can be experienced in the world.


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