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Embody your unique light
of unconditional love.


Live from your deepest inner power,
uplifting and empowering others

with your gifts.


Unconditional Love Healing

Practitioner Training

A journey of deep inner transformation,
professional development, and empowerment

After completing our Core Emotional Healing

4-Day Training, you can apply to join our 9 Month
Practitioner Training.

This is a deep journey of inner healing like no other,
which prepares you to start using the
Unconditional Love Healing process in
a professional context.

Completing the training requires working with

several practice clients to develop your

healing experience.


Upon graduation you will be certified to
use Unconditional Love Healing with clients

both in person and via distance.

Key areas of training focus will include:

  • Embodying your unique journey of love

  • The essence of unconditional love in relationship

  • Going deeper with the 3 phases of healing

  • Understanding layers of trauma

  • Keys to professional client work

  • Owning your power and voice

  • Fundamentals of healing business

Next Training Dates:

2025 Tbc


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