Unconditional Love Healing

Practitioner Training 

Join us in 2021

Unconditional Love Healing Practitioner Training is an 8 month Journey of the deepest level of transformation and healing empowerment.


For those who have already completed our Deep Emotional Healing 4-Day Training, Practitioner Training is another quantum leap which will prepare you for professional healing and transform you to a deeper level of unconditional self-love and freedom than ever before.


We know Unconditional Love Healing is the most powerful and direct healing modality in the world at this time, and this training is for those who are here to be leaders in self-love, healing and transformation.


If you know you are on the path to fully love yourself, to bring unconditional love and freedom to the world, and help others to evolve and transform in an unlimited way, then this training is for you.


As a result of this training you will:


• Master the Unconditional Love Healing process to the level of working professionally.

• Create a deeper state of unconditional love, empowerment and freedom within yourself than ever before.

• Learn the keys to healing with deeper emotional patterns and trauma, real inner-child healing, and mental health issues

• Own your deepest purpose for this life and live more from your authentic love & passion than ever before.




During the 8 months this we go deeper into everything we teach in our 4-Day Deep Emotional Healing Training, and give you the practical tools, clarity, and confidence to do powerful and transformative professional healing that changes people's lives.


Modules we cover:


• Healing Emotions, Trauma, Addictions, Mental Health

• The Power of Passion & Living Your Heart's Truth

• Higher-Dimensional Love & Expansion (Angels, Aliens, Ancestors, Past/Parallel Realities & More)

• Masculine, Feminine, Spiritual Sexuality & Divine Surrender

• Relationships Grounded in Truth and Love

• Creating and Expanding Abundant Business


Please not our 4-Day Deep Emotional Healing training is the PRE-REQUISITE for our Practitioner Training, and MUST BE COMPLETED FIRST.



Join us for the journey in 2021.



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