"Unconditional Love Healing has shifted and cleared so many of the faulty belief systems that I have been subscribing to for most of my life. I've tried different forms of healing and it has had some effect but nothing has been as profound and deep as this. I see the world and myself differently now and this is such a gift. Thank you so much Simon and Lora for creating, teaching and holding a most amazing space for Unconditional Love.


So grateful, Thank You, thank you, thank you ♥ ♥"

- Camilla Smith

"Simon and Lora's embodiment of unconditional love and their authentic & generous sharing of their love & wisdom have empowered me to step into my own expression of love, power & joy.  I received profound healing and insights from the workshop and I can't wait to experience the magic and grace unfold from the space of unconditional love in my life."

- Claire Zhang


"During the workshop I had a shift around extreme anxiety and depression, and I walked away from a session free from the pain and suffering of this. Much love guys – This is the most powerful course on earth ♥."

-Michael B


"I have done a lot of healing modalities and they haven’t dealt with my root issues like Unconditional Love Healing has. I feel like I can be my authentic self free from worry and resistance. Like being born again."

- Martin Le

The Unconditional Love Healing process and workshop has allowed me to tap deeply into old wounds, situations and relationships, and see the connection beautifully between them clearly like never before. And no matter how deep the healing goes, I always feel safe & loved, which is integral to me being able to process what is divinely needed. It's magical to watch the unfolding in myself & others, and I am so eternally grateful and full of love for myself, and for Simon & Lora who are perfect facilitators. Thank you!

- Sheree Windred



"The course had me breaking down in tears, laughing hysterically, celebrating huggingly, and learning more about myself in 3 days than I have in any other healing course. I've spent thousands of dollars and hours learning about how to love myself and other people, but this weekend changed me permanently. In a world where we can no longer seek refuge in organised religion, the path of unconditional love is a haven for the rational mind.


Counsellors, Therapists, Healers, Psychologists and Psychiatrists will soon converge on the fundamentals explored in this course, and I believe anyone curious about the mind and emotions will benefit from both the theory (which includes the biological and chemical foundations) and the experiential practice of giving and receiving healing. Simon lives true to his commitment to Unconditional Love, and this shows up in the way he holds space for healing. This has to be experienced to be understood." 

- Vik


"This workshop was truly remarkable for me – not only was the healing work incredibly deep and profound, but Simon and Lora provided a framework that was so clear. They brought great clarity and a formal education to topics that I previously had been trying to work out by myself! Feels wonderful- like a big relief to be taught and guided with such clarity."

- Ella Gibbins

"An amazing workshop with an excellent combination of learning, practical experience and deep transformational healing. In just a few days I felt some very powerful shifts occur. So grateful, thank you!"


- Jelena B

Unconditional Love Healing has given me the tools and belief to express my gifts in the world. I'm now absolutely confident that I can sit with anyone and hold the space for them to have whatever experience their soul needs in that moment. And more importantly, I've learned to really love myself.


- Daniel S

I got so much out of the Unconditional Love Healing workshop. After the workshop I experienced shifts in my abundance and money, and in loving myself, my sexuality, and in releasing a lot of old disapproval and self judgment. And the next morning after the workshop when I got up and danced, my dancing had changed too. It was so powerful and amazing to no longer feel like I have to be less. My dancing was so much more joyful flowing out of my body like a beautiful river of love. It feels so good to reconnect with my inner healer, that I have ability to help people heal. The workshop really helped me see this within myself; my soul has yearned for me to fully get this.

- Kaylah


"I am grateful to discover this process that makes me feel happy and excited and empowered in life. I can change/heal any part of myself and others and that makes me feel excited about life. Life opens up with renewed freshness, letting go of past pain. Forgiving the past and setting yourself free!"

- Natasha T

"Unconditional Love Healing is the most grounded yet deep experience I feel one can have have.The process is incredible in how it allows healing to be so natural and self-empowering. All shared in an evironment that is safe, open, healing and divine. Loved every single moment."

- Tristan

This workshop was a truly transformational experience. I feel more empowered, open, loving, understanding of myself and others, and that the whole paradigm of my personality has shifted. I absolutely loved every second!!

- Natasha Crane




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