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Be supported to heal your
deepest core emotions & beliefs
in a space of true unconditional love

If it's time to heal on the core level...

Then an Unconditional Love Healing 1 on 1 healing program will support you to heal and transform deeper than ever.

Incorporating powerful somatic work with profound spiritual awareness, this is an opportunity to heal and align from a true space of unconditional love.

Healing programs can be focused on any issue or challenge in your life including:


  • Self-love, self-worth and emotional well-being

  • Relationships and intimacy

  • Physical health, illness, injury recovery

  • Opening to abundance and flow

  • And anything else you may be experiencing...

The healing power and potential of unconditional love is unlimited.

What's required from you is the courage to go deep within, and the willingness to love unconditionally.

Initial programs are 3 or 6 sessions of 60-70 minutes via Zoom or phone, or in person in Sydney, Australia if scheduling allows.

Pricing is $888 for 3 sessions/6 weeks, or $1555 for 6 sessions.

Typically spacing sessions 2 weeks apart is ideal, although weekly sessions can work if needed.

While Lora is not currently taking on any new clients, Simon has some very limited availability.

If you'd like to book a short conversation with Simon to confirm if this work is right for you, fill in the form below.


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