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Lora Radford

One thing that I’ve learnt from my life to date is that anything is healable – nothing can hold us back from a life of joy and ecstasy and full healing, if that’s what we choose.


My healing journey started when as a child, at the age

of 3 ½, I was abducted, raped, and tortured in a violent
attack. During the attackI experienced an extensive out of body and near death experience.

What was even more challenging is that afterwards the people around me didn't fully understand what had happened to me, and weren't able to acknowledge or support me with the trauma this created.


During my primary school years I remember trying to make sense of how all the things I had experienced fit together; I was badly bullied, and sexually molested several more times. This resulted in me shutting down much of my natural light and feminine nature, and repressing most of the trauma and my childhood memories.

As I got older I repressed the memory of much of what happened to me, however it of course still affected me. Many of my adult relationships were extremely dysfunctional and traumatic in themselves, because they were still influenced by the subconscious trauma, fear, and lack of self-worth I held from my childhood.


In my late teens and twenties I become determined to understand how the human psyche works and learn about approaches to healing it.

I took an honours degree in Philosophy of Mind, and completed a Graduate Diploma in Psychology. Whilst some of the approaches I encountered inform aspects of the healing work I do now, I didn’t feel like, on the whole, I had found the best way to heal myself and others.


I kept researching ways of healing trauma and understanding human consciousness. During these studies, upon reaching my Saturn Return at the age of 28, I became conscious of, and began working through, all the trauma that I had experienced in my life. At this time I experienced all my repressed trauma as overwhelming to my psyche, and entered a trauma-induced healing psychosis lasting five and a half months.

I learnt a huge amount about how to naturally heal myself and others from my healing psychosis, but it wasn’t until I met Simon and came into contact with Unconditional Love Healing, that I truly released my attachment to my suffering, and stepped into my full empowerment and freedom with all that had happened to me in my life.

I know Simon and I on a soul level planned to share this work together, our different experiences of unconditional love creating a more powerful whole, and it's an honour to now be offering this resource to others to heal and transform their lives.

Having Unconditional Love Healing in my life has allowed me to be completely empowered to heal anything that has happened to me, and to create the reality I most desire. There is no question whether this is possible anymore.


It just is. 

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