Healing Sessions


Unconditional Love Healing sessions are the deepest level of healing.

Held in the consciousness of unconditional love, in the sessions you go deep within to transform you deepest core emotions and limiting beliefs. 


There is zero judgement, total acceptance, and the space to align with your highest potential.


You can create transformation in your:

• Relationships
• Emotions
• Physical Health
• Sexuality
• Abundance/Money
• Self-Love/Self Worth 
• Healing from Trauma & Abuse



Sessions with Simon and Lora are available via Zoom/Skype, or in person in Darlinghurst, Sydney.


We offer programs of 3 or 6 sessions.

The first session is 75 minutes, and the following sessions are 1 hour each.


3 sessions is enough to make a powerful impact in most issues. If you wish to heal a very significant issue, challenge or pattern in your life, we recommend 6 sessions.

Pricing for sessions with Simon or Lora:

3 Session package: $777 AUD

6 Session package: $1333 AUD

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