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1 on 1
Healing Journeys

Experience the deepest level of healing
and unconditional love, 1 on 1.

Unconditional Love Healing 1 on 1
journeys take you deep within, to the core layers of emotions and subconscious trauma creating your reality.

If you resonate with unconditional love,
and are looking to for the most powerful
and loving healing solution, Simon and Lora
have a limited availability for 1 on 1 client work.

It is possible to create powerful transformation and healing with any challenge.

What's required from you is the courage to go deep within, and the willingness to love unconditionally.

Sessions are available via Zoom + very limited in person availability in Sydney.

Prices start at Aud $888 for 3 sessions/6 weeks.

Contact us below for more info:

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