Healing Sessions

Do you have an issue or challenge you're struggling with, perhaps even after years or decades of healing, therapy or personal/spiritual development?

Have you tried many different sorts of healing, but still feel you need
to go deeper to reach the true root cause of your experiences?

Would you like to heal and transform your core emotions, beliefs, and trauma in the fastest and most effective way, and open to true unconditional love and freedom on all levels of your being?


Unconditional Love Healing sessions are the fastest way to create deep transformation in your life.

Even if you've tried many sorts of healing and therapy, this work is truly on another level, and takes you into the deepest layer of subconscious beliefs, emotions and trauma so you can heal any challenge at it's true root cause.

Unconditional Love Healing sessions can help you create transformation in any area of life including:

• Relationships
• Emotions
• Physical Health
• Sexuality
• Abundance/Money
• Self-Love/Self Worth 
• Healing from Trauma & Abuse

The key is in how the consciousness and energy of unconditional love allows you to transform many layers of emotions, trauma, patterns and beliefs in a single session, and go to the deepest layers of your subconscious other approaches don't reach.

If you resonate with unconditional love, and are serious about creating transformation with the issues that really matter, 1 on 1 healing sessions will help you create powerful change and permanent healing.


"Unconditional Love Healing has shifted and cleared so many of the faulty belief systems that I have been subscribing to for most of my life. I've tried different forms of healing and it has had some effect but nothing has been as profound and deep as this." - Camilla

"I'd experienced a trail of disastrous relationships over many years, and I was starting to wonder if I'd ever meet a man I could have a healthy loving relationship with. After the healing sessions I am now in a healthy, loving, respectful relationship with a man who is treating me better than I've ever been treated before." - Kristy
"In 1998 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease resulting in a myriad of symptoms in my case mainly extreme fatigue, depression, allergies, fibromyalgia, foggy mind and a consistent burning sensation in my throat. After my healing sessions with Simon, I’ve had no fibromyalgia. Instead I’ve had consistent energy, no bed rest days. . I am daily thankful for and in awe of the consistent and (to me) miraculous results I’ve experienced from Simon’s work."     - Khryssi
"I have completely transformed into a new person. I highly recommend Simon and Unconditional Love Healing work, as he is in a zone unparalleled by any other healer I've come across." - Gabriel

Pricing for sessions with Simon or Lora:

1 hour session: $250 (Aud)

3 Session package: $690
6 Session package: $1200


Sessions are equally effective over distance and can be done via Skype/Video Call anywhere in the world.

To book or for any enquiries, contact us via the form below:


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