Discover true freedom
unconditional love

The answer is   Unconditional Love


For it's by returning to our most natural state
of unconditional love 
that we can heal on the deepest
level, and create true freedom, peace and joy.


How can you open to the freedom and peace
t the heart of your being?


How can you heal your very deepest patterns,
emotions, pain,
and childhood trauma?


Meet Simon & Lora:

Lora Radford  was abducted, raped, tortured and abused as a three and a half year old child. In the midst of this painful experience, Lora felt her connection to source and the unconditional love that the universe has for all of us.


This love helped her heal from the physical wounds of the ordeal, forgive her attacker, and choose to continue to her human life, although with most memories of the trauma suppressed.


This trauma later re-emerged as an adult in the form of an intense 6 month psychosis. Once again, Lora’s connection to unconditional love helped her heal through this experience with no medication or conventional care.

After deeply healing herself through her connection to love, Lora then met Simon which led to a new stage of freedom and joy in her life's journey.

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Simon Wing-Lun  was like many people born into a society that had forgotten it's true connection to love and spirit, and was more concerned with materialistic survival and achievement. And so he forgot how to truly love himself, and how to truly be fulfilled and happy. 

A period of physical sickness and emotional difficulty in his early twenties led to a period of rapid spiritual awakening, and a reconnection to the consciousness and energy of unconditional love. Simon then followed this love, through much darkness, pain and challenge, until eventually he discovered what it truly meant to love himself unconditionally.

On this journey he also remembered how to use unconditional love to heal and transform our deepest pains, patterns, and trauma, and to re-align with the true power and freedom of our soul.

Simon's own deep healing journey prepared him to be ready to meet Lora, someone who could reflect the same unconditional love back to him he had found within himself, and a new phase of life started journeying and teaching together.

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How can you heal your deepest pain?

How can you truly be free?

The answer is unconditional love.



Unconditional Love Healing


Unconditional Love Healing is the ultimate healing method that empowers you to heal anything in your life at the deepest level, and to embody your true infinite power as the creator of your life.

More than just a healing method, Unconditional Love Healing is actually a transmission of the essence of love that is the universal source of all healing, and the unlimited loving power that exists within all things.

Unconditional Love Healing works on a much deeper and more powerful level than the vast majority of other healing methods and personal development processes that exist.

The process allows you to easily access your deepest layers of emotional pain, subconscious trauma, and core patterns of beliefs and consciousness that underly every issue and challenge in your life, and create profound and unlimited healing with any situation.

If you've 'tried everything' and are still looking for the answers to heal your deepest pains and patterns, and step into your true power, then Unconditional Love Healing is what you will be looking for.

Or if you simply resonate with unconditional love, and would like to experience the deepest level of healing and empowerment, then Unconditional Love Healing is for you.

Healing sessions are available via Skype and Zoom to anywhere in the universe.



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