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Discover True Unconditional Love

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The Power is Within You

The power to create a life of deep love and freedom is within you.

The power is in your unconditional love. - Not just in the mind, but in loving from your body, your heart, your emotions and your soul.

At The School of Unconditional Love and Freedom,
we support, guide and empower you to create:

  • Deep self-love and confidence in being the real you.

  • Deeply loving and connected relationships that reflect your authentic self.

  • A life of true abundance and freedom to live your soul's purpose.

  • Knowing, trust and clarity in the purpose of every emotion, feeling and experience in your life, and how to transform any challenge.

  • An experience of spiritual connection and awakening that goes beyond the mind, but becomes a fully embodied experience of spiritual life.

Everything we teach is from the depths of experiencing what really works.

The path home to our true selves isn't always easy. But it is easiest when walked with loving and supportive guidance. Come walk with us, and together create a life of freedom, and a world of unconditional love.

Meet Simon & Lora

Simon Wing-Lun & Lora Radford are spiritual teachers and healers and the founders of the school. As a 3 year old, Lora was abucted, raped & abused, which led to a powerful healing journey of reclaiming unconditional love and empowerment within herself. Simon experienced a spiritual awakening in his early twenties, which led to a deep path exploring healing and the nature of unconditional love. Their paths drew them together to share their healing journey, and to share their love with others, following the call of their hearts and souls in each moment. Together they have journeyed with love into the depths of themselves, into darkness and light, and from their inner alignment created lives of deep joy, love and freedom.

Join our high vibration spiritual school & community

All around the world, people are feeling the call of unconditional love and freedom in their heart. Realising it's time to let of judgment and fear, and come home to love within. We created this school to support people to live their most authentic, passionate, and love filled lives, and to connect those who resonate in a global community of unconditional love. As a member of the school you get access to this community and soul family of love, which offers powerful support to your path of growth and expansion.

Membership Includes

  • 15 Powerful Video Courses

    Our courses are powerful energy transmissions and exercises to help you expand and align with love. Courses include Your Soul Purpose, The Power of Emotions, Unconditional Love Relationships, Abundance, Masculine & Feminine + more courses added regularly.

  • 10 Channelled Transmissions

    Channelled transmissions from our higher dimensional friends, to support your spiritual path. Lora has a powerful gift for channelling, specifically for feminine 'Essassani' energies which offer a higher perspective on love & transformation

  • 2 Monthly Live Sessions

    Twice Monthly live energy transmissions and Q&A sessions with Simon & Lora via zoom, to support transformation and expansion. Get your questions answered with clarity on any topic. Live session replays are available afterwards if you can't attend live.

  • Online Community

    Join a unique global community of soul family resonating with unconditional love and freedom, with our private discussion forums on spirituality, relationships, love, and transformation. We also have our own private facebook group for school members only.

  • 10% Discount on all Private Sessions, Workshops & Retreats

    School members get a 10% discount on all in-person workshops, retreats and private sessions with Simon & Lora, and also with their certified healing practitioners. As travel opens up we are excited to once again start travelling and offering workshops in different locations.

  • Healing Tools & Meditations

    We have a range of healing tools & meditations designed to help you transform your beliefs and shift your energy in different circumstances. More than just guided meditations, these are energetic transmissions fo the frequency of unconditional love, abundance and freedom.


After a long journey of discovery and healing, I was fortunate to meet Simon and Lora . It was clear to me immediately that these two people had been to the depths of themselves and done and continue to do the deep work, the real work. The acceptance and love of all aspects of self is embodied in them both so strongly and consciously, both in their daily life and their deeper healing journey. What they do is powerful and amazingly effective. They are the real deal, I’m so glad I finally found this path of healing

Bernadette Karam

The experience and understanding of unconditional love that Simon and Lora have shown me has supported me to transform my most deeply held pain and negative beliefs, and find deeper peace in life. Their passionate and loving guidance has time and time again brought me back to that sacred oneness and joy that is my/all of ours’ natural state.

Rafael Wescher

Simon and Lora have an authentic loving presence which allowed me to transform and heal with a depth I have not experienced anywhere else. I'm very thankful to have met them.

Alex Zoe

Simon and Lora are kind, compassionate, dedicated and courageous humans and teachers. Their ability to impart deep knowledge in such clear and succinct ways makes otherwise difficult topics simple to grasp and understand. I look forward to learning more from them!

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