Unconditional Love

is your infinite healing power

For the deepest level of healing, you need the deepest level of love.
True unconditional love.


To be your most powerful self, you need to understand how to apply your true power on a mental, spiritual, emotional and sexual levels.


Unconditional Love Healing is a the ultimate healing modality and method to heal anything in your life, be the most powerful version of you, and embody true unconditional love in every moment.

Meet Simon & Lora:

Lora Radford  was abducted, raped, tortured and abused as a three and a half year old child. In the midst of this painful experience, Lora felt her connection to source and the unconditional love that the universe has for all of us.


This love helped her heal from the physical wounds of the ordeal, forgive her attacker, and choose to continue to her human life, although with most memories of the trauma suppressed.


This trauma later re-emerged as an adult in the form of an intense 6 month psychosis. Once again, Lora’s connection to unconditional love helped her heal through this experience with no medication or conventional care.

Simon Wing-Lun  rediscovered a deep connection to unconditional love during a time of intense spiritual awakening at the age of 23. This lead to a deep journey of discovering how we can actually use the power of unconditional love to heal anything.


Seeing many healers and spiritual teachers promise ‘unlimited healing’ results, yet not able to consistently deliver them, Simon continued to learn all the most powerful methods and philosophies he couldto master the process of healing. But nothing provided the answers or results he know in his heart and spirit were possible.


Until eventually, building on everything he’d learned and been given from spirit, Simon developed a healing process that worked powerfully, quickly, and effectively with ever issue. This process became Unconditional Love Healing.

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