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Unconditional Love Healing

Practitioner Training

Next Training starts April 2022

Step into the deepest levels of yourself.

Dive into your full potential.

Rise into unconditional love.


Unconditional Love Healing practitioner training is the ultimate journey of deep healing, spiritual transformation, and liberation.

It is about far more than just learning the process.

It is a portal to dive into the very deepest levels of your subconscious, and rise up into your full potential for embodying love, power and freedom in this lifetime.

In the 2021 training we will be focusing more on this embodiment aspect than ever before.

We will be actively illuminating your blindspots to loving yourself unconditionally, and to being in an unconditionally loving relationship with others and your world.

In addition we will be providing you with the foundational knowledge to master all aspects of the Unconditional Love Healing process, and build confidence for working with clients professionally.

But above all else it is your unique embodiment of unconditional love that matters more than anything else. It is the vibration of love within you that facilitates transformation and healing for others, and transforms the world around you.


The training has several key elements:

• Two 4-day immersions at The Leela Centre. (March 19th-22nd, July 16th-19th)

• A final 3-day immersion at the completion of the training. ( November 19th-21st)

• Monthly zoom group sessions,

• 8 individual healing/mentoring sessions with Simon and Lora

• Practice session completion requirements


All these elements combine to ensure you heal and transform on a deeper level than ever before, and generate a deep inner connection to unconditional love.

This combines with the deep exploration of these powerful modules:

• Healing Trauma, Addictions, Mental Health
• The Power of Passion & Living Your Heart's Truth
• Higher-Dimensional Love & Expansion (Angels, Aliens, Ancestors, Past/Parallel Realities & More)
• Masculine, Feminine, Spiritual Sexuality & Divine Surrender
• Relationships Grounded in Truth and Love
• Creating and Expanding Abundant Business with Purpose & passion


If you've completed our 4-Day training, you know that this is a deep journey of healing like know other that will transport you to a whole new level of being.

If you feel the call, we highly recommend taking this step into your fullest potential, and living from your true power and unconditional love.



For all questions & enquiries contact us here:

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