There is nothing wrong with you

There is nothing wrong with you. No flaw in you that needs fixing, no mistake that needs be unmade or undone.

Everything about you is beautiful. Light and dark. Crazy and contained. Selfish and generous. Vulnerability and strength. Fear and love. All is a part of the perfect and unique expression of divine creation that you are.

What seems to be wrong or different is only the uniqueness of your path.

What we perceive as flaws are truly reflections of our beauty, of the beauty of love that includes all of creation and not just a part of it.


There are many socialised constructs of what is "the right way to be" that we take on as children, and that are promoted to us throughout our lives.

And even though it may be unspoken, this is often accompanied by the consciousness of "if you don't fit in there is something wrong with you", which amplifies the sense we are flawed in some way.

As a result without knowing it many people's actions and efforts in life are fundamentally motivated by the feeling of needing to fix something that is flawed or wrong with them, or prove they are loveable despite being flawed in some way.

Many things can be created or changed in our lives in the name of fixing these inner flaws, but what is often missed is the final step into peace, which is the understanding there was never anything wrong with us in the first place.

We were always perfect.

Always beautiful.

Always loved.

Through the movements of our lives we only express this beauty and perfection in different forms.


If there comes a time when you realise you can't fit in to the expectations and paradigm of those around you, or suddenly feel different from people who before you felt comfortable with in some sort of shared sameness, it can be a difficult moment.

This is often because part of your consciousness is defaulting back to the thought, "I don't fit in because something is wrong with me."

Yet this is the opposite of what is true.

For the courage and awareness to realise you don't fit in a limited paradigm, and that in fact everyone is far more unique than they allow themselves to realise, is the discovery of more of your unique and essential rightness.

And when you can release illusions of there being any right or wrong way to be at all, then what is left is love.


You can live your life trying to fix yourself, or be someone you think you need to be.

Yet the easier path is to choose to love yourself. To love every aspect of yourself that arises or appears, and through this love to discover the truth of who you really are.

It is the most simple and powerful choice you can make, yet at this time it is still a rare one. So it takes some courage to be different from others and to truly choose acceptance and love, where others are efforting and striving from a need to fix or improve things.

The great paradox of life is that when we truly relax into love, and stop trying to fix things, then all that needs to be fixed gets fixed.

Not because anything was broken or wrong to begin with, but because from a place of love we allow the wholeness of all things to be obvious, and create a path to love and wholeness which others can choose to follow.


So rather than choose right or wrong, broken or whole, failure or success, flawed or perfect, choose love.

Choose love for who you have been, who you are, and who you'll be, for all are a perfect part whole divine expression that is you.

Choose love even when others around you do not choose it, for in this powerful moment you create freedom for true love and peace within yourself, and greater freedom for others to do the same. <3


All content copyright Simon Wing-Lun & Lora Radford 2019