Powerlessly Afraid vs. Powerfully Afraid vs. Powerfully Fearless.

Fear, anxiety and really all emotions become much easier to deal with and transform when we know what they really are and how they work.

With this understanding we can move through 3 stages of feeling powerless to an emotion, to feeling powerful with an emotion, to finally feeling powerfully free of the emotion completely.


- Feeling Powerless to Emotions -

It is very common for people to feel powerless to their emotions, and that their emotions have the power to negatively control or affect them in some way.

Using fear as an example, people often feel that fear is more powerful than them, and that fear has the power to hold them back from doing what they need or wish to do.

This could be experienced as the feeling of a phobia or anxiety that keeps coming back and influencing our actions, that seems like it can't be released or overridden.

This same experience of feeling powerless to an emotion can occur with any emotional state, whether it be fear, anger, sadness, guilt, unworthiness, jealousy, or anything.

This feeling of being powerless to an emotion often is experienced when we don't understand what the emotions true cause is, and don't know how to transform it's energy.

What also contributes to feeling powerless to an emotion is believing that feeling the emotion itself is unsafe, or makes us bad or weak in some way. This can result in people feeling like the more they feel fear, the more out of control they become, or the more weak and unloveable they become.

The lack of understanding and judgment of emotions in most societies has contributed to this experience of feeling powerless to emotions being very common. Fortunately this understanding is starting to change both in the healing/therapy world and in society in general, and people are starting to rediscover their true power.


- Becoming Powerful with Emotions -

As we start to gain understanding of what emotions really are, and that it's possible to release them, we can shift our experience from feeling powerless to emotions, to becoming powerful with emotions.

There are few key understandings that support this transition.

The first is the the essential understanding that negative emotions are created by beliefs and stories within our consciousness, which are fundamentally illusions or untrue.

The second is that feeling emotional is not a bad thing, and is not something which makes us weak, unloveable, or unworthy. It is simply experiencing our own energy.

The third is that feeling an emotion and being controlled by an emotion can be different things, and that it's possible to feel an intense emotion without being wholly controlled by it.

Without these understandings it is easy to get caught in fear and overwhelm in an intense emotional experience, and to feel that any challenging emotion is more powerful than us.

But as we start to investigate and adopt these understandings of the true nature and meaning of emotions, our experience of emotion can shift to understanding that we can feel fear in a powerful way, that our ability to feel fear is a powerful ability, and that through feeling fear or any emotion we can see through the illusions, stories and beliefs that are causing it.

Being powerful with an emotion could mean choosing to stop what you're doing and truly listen to an emotion and what it is teaching you in an empowered way.

Being powerful with an emotion could mean continuing to be physically active while simultaneously feeling fear, angers or sadness, not suppressing the emotion but integrating it's energy into your present experience.

Being powerful with an emotion is feeling and expressing an emotion in the knowing that it is not something that makes you bad or wrong, but is a revelation of the pain you hold within that can now be loved and healed.

Being powerful with emotion is not suppressing or overriding what you feel, but rather choosing to harmonise with it, to integrate it into your experience in an empowered and loving way, which is part of the process of releasing it.


- Powerfully Fearless -

When you have truly released all beliefs and stories of fear within your being, you can be powerfully fearless.

This occurs as you truly acknowledge all the layers and causes of fear within your being, and bring the clarity of love and unity to the illusory beliefs and stories of fear and separation.

The important thing to understand is that the path to this deep and loving fearlessness comes not from overriding fear, suppressing fear, pretending it's not there, but rather from first truly becoming powerful, loving and intimate with all the aspects of fear that you have held within you.

When we are truly loving and powerful with our fear, then we can transition to being powerful without it.

And so paradoxically the fastest way to be free of fear is not to ask "how can I get rid of fear", but instead to enquire:

"How can I get to know my fear more closely, how can I bring more love and understanding to the fear I have within me, so I can fully learn from it and receive it's gifts, and thus release all need for it from within my being."

The result of this enquiry will be less and less fear within your being, until you are eventually free of it.

The same principle and process applies to any and every emotion, whether it be sadness, anger, despair,unworthiness, guilt, shame or jealousy.

Through loving enquiry into their true nature and purpose within you, and into the truth of who you are, all these emotions become more and more lightly held within you, until all the energy that remains is love and freedom in all it's forms.


These principles of loving and transmuting emotion are relatively simple. Yet in their application they do become more nuanced and complex, because of the nuanced and complex nature of our lives and beings.

It is not always easy to hold our own emotional pain, or see through our own illusions because our emotions can be powerful forces which can in a moment cloud what was previously clear vision of the truth.

This is why in our experience this process of emotional empowerment and transformation is much easier with support from an outside viewpoint with expertise in navigating the deepest emotional waters.

This is what Lora and I support people with in our work, and empower others to do for themselves and each other in our teaching. We have created and are growing a community of people supporting each other to transform from powerless, to powerful, to free of old emotional pain, patterns and difficulty. Feel free to reach out to us for this sort of support if you feel the call.

It is our vision that in time the whole world will be understanding and lovingly transforming emotions together creating a whole planet of love, freedom and peace.

For as we all find true empowerment and freedom within, so will we experience it everywhere without.

All content copyright Simon Wing-Lun & Lora Radford 2019