Embody your true power & essence

  • Own and embody your true masculine & feminine power, focusing on your authentic balance and expression of these energies

  • Build your capacity for masculine clarity, structure, boundaries, direction and leadership

  • Embrace your feminine essence, energies, emotions, sensuality, mystery, and ability to live connected in the flow of love

  • Learn to relate and connect with others from empowered and loving masculine & feminine within

  • Release old patterns of fear and inhibition which keep you small, step more fully into your authentic self

Masculine & Feminine are at the heart of all things. Our deeply transformational coaching supports you to live from the true power, love, confidence, and authenticity in relationships, intimacy and throughout your whole life.

For Men:

  • Step more fully into your Masculine clarity, presence, confidence and alignment with your deepest purpose

  • Integrate your intuition, emotions, intuition and heart, creating natural integration of your masculine & feminine power

  • Understand the difference between divine loving Masculine & Feminine aspects of yourself, and your fear based patterning

  • Release judgment and fear of being your most authentic and empowered self, and step into deep confidence, self-love, and spiritual freedom

For Women:

  • Embrace your natural Feminine energetic flow, your feelings, intuition, emotions, sexuality, and inner connection to truth.

  • Develop your healthy masculine boundaries, clarity, and ability to trust in relationship with your inner masculine, and with other people

  • Allow greater surrender and trust with the abundance of life, and honouring and healing the depths of pain held within

  • Expand your knowing and connection to your truth worthiness and beauty, your power and your truth, embodying unconditional love for your authentic self

For All Humans: 

For each Man, Woman and Humans of all Genders, embodiment is a unique process of aligning with our soul's true expression.  

Our deep coaching and healing will help make a powerful leap forward into a truer expression of your authentic self.

How to work with us

Our programs are delivered via zoom. We have very limited in person availability in Sydney.

Individual programs are for a duration of 3 months, with 6 one hour sessions scheduled fortnightly. All programs include access to our online school with courses and exercises on Masculine & Feminine to support your embodiment.

  • Coaching is $1250 USD / $1555 AUD

You can work with either Simon or Lora, or a mix of both of us if appropriate.

For those serious about transformation, we are happy to schedule a complimentary 20 minute conversation to talk about how we can help you. 

To enquire about availability, contact us via the form below.