Simon Wing-Lun & Lora Radford are the founders of the The School, the founders of Unconditional Love Healing, and directors of The Leela Centre for Love & Freedom, a centre for conscious events and transformation in Sydney, Australia.

Drawn together through their deep healing journeys, their connection to unconditional love, and their experience healing deep trauma & challenges, it is their passion to demonstrate how all people can find deep love and freedom within, and create lives of freedom and passion.

About Simon

After a powerful period of spiritual awakening in his early twenties, Simon's life became focused in every moment on healing and transformation. This led to deeper and deeper understandings and experiences of unconditional love, and how we as humans can actually align and experience deep love and freedom in our everyday lives. This has included learning to be loving with all the manifestations of darkness and pain that arise within us, and experiencing life as the creation of our soul. Simon has deep passion for sharing on the spiritual nature of relationships, the loving masculine & feminine, the power of emotions, and opening to soul purpose and deep abundance.

About Lora

When Lora was 3 years old, she was abducted from her family home by someone who lived nearby and raped and abused. This was a of course very traumatic, but it was also a spiritual experience where Lora felt the love and support of the universe to help her get through it. The memories of this experience were suppressed until they emerged later in life when she was ready to heal them. Embarking on a conscious healing path, Lora connected deeply to the truth of unconditional love, which allowed her to release much of the deep pain she'd been holding, and to open to new experiences of connection and joy. Lora now lives life with passion and joy, and has great gifts of healing and also channelling which she shares with others.

A lot of people talk about love and spirituality.

But it takes more than our minds and our words to create real happiness, freedom and fulfilment.

It takes going beyond the mind and into the body, into our hearts, and into the truth of our soul.

This is where we discover true unconditional love and the freedom to be our true selves.


Through our own deep journeys of healing and self-discovery, transforming great challenges and pain, we discovered what it really takes to love ourselves and each other unconditionally.

And we found freedom that comes not from how life appears outside, but that is already there within.

This is what we are sharing at The School of Unconditional Love and Freedom.

A pathway, a map, support and guidance to open deeper and deeper to love within yourself, and be free to live your fullest joy in life.

We are so excited to share this all with you.