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Unconditional Love Healing
Training - Level 2


 A 3 Day transformational journey into the heart
of soul connection and intimacy

Next Training: Sydney, May 5th-8th

Relationships and sexuality are at the heart of our life and healing journeys.

At our Unconditional Love Healing Level 2 training, we dive right into the core of these powerful topics empowering you to align with your full potential in these areas, and:


  • Create clarity and empowerment in relationships

  • Heal and embody your authentic sexuality, and embrace your natural sexual energy

  • Understand the deepest spiritual nature of masculine & feminine, and embody your natural balance of these energies

  • Transform and resolve trigger patterns as they come up in relationship

  • Release old family patterns and beliefs of relating

  • Align with and manifest the relationships that reflect your soul truth

  • Connect more deeply with soul family and friends

  • Allow yourself to be truly authentic, open hearted, and unconditionally loving in relationships.



Experience true empowerment in relationships and intimacy


Relationships will always be a deep source of personal transformation and growth, because they act as a close reflection of who we are.

This why even after many years personal growth and spiritual development, most people will still experience triggers and challenges in the areas of relationships and sexuality.

Unconditional Love Healing is a game changer, because it allows you to immediately see through to the core of your challenges, and create empowered transformation in any moment.

In this powerful level 2 training we dive deeper than ever before into the truth of relationships and sexuality, and how to apply Unconditional Love Healing to any situation.

During the training you’ll receive life changing insights and guidance in these areas from Simon & Lora, and give & receive powerful supervised healing sessions on these topics, where you’ll experience more powerful clarity and transformation than ever before.


A truly life changing experience.


Training Details

The training starts with a Zoom evening session on Thursday night from 6.30pm-8.30pm, and then runs for 3 full days Friday-Sunday in person, from 9am-6pm.


Morning and afternoon is provided.


Emotional Alchemy/Level 1 Training, or our previous 4-Day Training is the pre-requisite.

Investment: $1111. Earlybird price of $988 available with a $400 deposit before March 31st.

Next date May 5th-8th 2022

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