Deeper Purpose Emerging

Life has multiple layers of purpose, multiple layers of ourselves which unfold and unfurl in time, revealing deeper aspects of the love we are here to share with the world.

As these layers of purpose unfold into expression, some emerge as core parts of us, as gifts and talents which we will always be sharing. Others have a reason and a season to be expressed in your life only for a limited period.

In this special first online workshop for ULH grads only, we'll be exploring and clarifying how we can live and express our purpose in the world in the easiest, most abundant, and joyful way, and how we can understand life and soul purpose in the vast realm of unconditional love

Because this our first ever fully online workshop, we are offering this for free to our ULH grads as a gift and opportunity to connect in this new format. We would also love to start creating more opportunities for our grads in different geographic locations to connect and get to know each other.


This workshop will consist of:

- Teaching about the nature and unfolding of purpose
- Clarity on how to let your deeper purpose emerge and unfold with ease
- Opportunities for sharing and question
- A special exercise & meditation process


At the end of the workshop we'll suggest that if people wish to do healing swaps on the topic in the days following the workshop it's a good idea, and will help match people up who wish to do so.

Best of all, you can attend in the comfort of your own bedroom, bath, boat, beach, balcony, or any other location starting with the letter B.


The workshop will be facilitated via Zoom software, which is really quick and easy to download before the meeting on your computer or phone.

Time: Dec 9, 2018 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM, Sydney Time

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With unconditional love ♥

Simon & Lora


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