Deep Self-Love Mentoring

Everything comes from self-love.

Health. Good relationships. Clarity. Peace. Abundance. Freedom.

The deeper you love yourself unconditionally, the more truly, free, healthy and happy you become.

To really love yourself deeply, you must know what love really is.

And then you must experience love for the deepest parts of yourself.

Love must be more than an idea.

It must be something you know in your heart and have felt in your bones.


As you know love deeper and deeper in your bones, meeting life's challenges becomes easier and easier.

You start living from a place of inner love and appreciation, rather than fearfully seeking love from outside.

And as you learn to truly love yourself, life reflects true love back to you.


Deep Self-Love Mentoring gives you clarity in what love is.

In how to love yourself. 

And it is a transmission of love into the depth of your heart and bones.

It will change your life in the most loving way.

Mentoring is available with Simon and Lora for 3 months or 6 months.

From $1888 Aud

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