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Unconditional Love

Core Emotional Healing
4-Day Advanced Spiritual Training
Next Dates May 2024 TBC

Subconscious emotions, pain & trauma are the gateways to the deepest healing, and to awakening to a fully empowered, embodied and unshakeable connection to our true selves.

This advanced training in deep emotional healing and spiritual awakening is suitable for those wanting to take their healing capacity to the deepest core level, and to embody their fullest purpose and potential in this lifetime.



Over 4 intensive days you learn the Unconditional Love Healing process, which takes you through layers of subconscious emotions and levels within you to reach the underlying cause of all challenges, pain and resistance to your natural energy.

This includes learning the specific belief system causes of each emotion, and how to experience and transform emotions from a fully empowered and unconditional place.

The training is by application only and is suitable for those already with experience in healing and spiritual growth.

Benefits of completing the training include:

  • Become able to meet and transform any emotion or trauma pattern in a comprehensive and fully empowered way for yourself and others

  • Discover the keys to heal core relationship trauma and patterns that manifest as you deepen your spiritual growth and journey

  • Be fully empowered to hold and allow any experience of pain to heal in the energy of unconditional love

  • For existing facilitators and practitioners, learn to hold an even deeper space of permission, safety and depth for workshop attendees and clients, and support them to more rapidly transform core patterns.

  • Gain clarity on the true embodiment of unconditional love in all relationships, and how to align with your most awakened states of being

During the training you'll discover how this deep emotional healing applies to the core experiences of internal emotional health, relationships, abundance & money, and physical health & transformation.

We will also cover the underlying causes of key emotions and 'emotional families' including:

  • Sadness, Grief & Depression

  • Fear and Anxiety

  • Anger/Resentment

  • Guilt and Shame

  • Unworthiness / Not-Enoughness

  • Disempowerment/Overwhelm/ Frustration

  • Jealousy/ Insecurity

  • Addictive & Compulsive Behaviour

This knowledge and it's application can therefore be applied to deepen effectiveness in any other healing technique, therapy or modality.

For those that are called to it, this training is a portal to a whole new level of deep inner-connection, and spiritually empowered healing capacity.

Contact us via the form on our website if you're interested in joining.

Training Details:

The training runs for 4 full days Friday to Monday, at the Authentic Living Centre, Darlinghurst.

Learning is highly experiential with practitioner/client practice exchanges on each of the final 3 days.

A healthy high vibration morning & afternoon tea is provided, and there are many nearby lunch options available.

Investment for the 4-days is $1555. Payment plans available.


I feel like the whole paradigm of my personality has shifted, and I feel more empowered, open, loving and understanding of myself and others. A truly transformational experience. I absolutely loved every second!

- Natasha Crane

This workshop helped me tap into my core where beauty, connection, harmony and unconditional love within. It feels like I’m coming back home and finding my soul family, the people who get me and accept me just the way I am. For the first time in my life I was brave enough to she my light without worrying it would hurt other people’s eyes & heart. 

- Lucia Nancy

After a long journey of discovery and healing , I was fortunate to meet Simon and Lora. It was clear to me immediately that these two people had been to the depths of themselves and done and continue to do the deep work, the real work. The acceptance and love of all aspects of self is embodied in them both so strongly and consciously, both in their daily life and their deeper healing journey. What they do is powerful and amazingly effective. They are the real deal, I’m so glad I finally found this path of healing.


- Ben Jennings

The Unconditional Love Healing training has taught me a deeper level of understanding the link between emotions & beliefs, in particular the powerful gift that emotions are giving us an opportunity to always upgrade our belief systems. 


- Mark Lang

Apply to Join

This workshop requires the willingness
to connect deeply with
yourself, and to choose

love for all of who you are.


It is suitable for people who are committed to their own growth and transformation, and willing to take an empowered and self-responsible approach to their transformation.

To confirm if it's the right time for you to attend,
please fill out the form below and we'll contact you to arrange a short conve
rsation before enrolment.

Thanks! Message sent.

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