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Deep Emotional Healing

4-Day Training

Sydney 2020 -  The Leela Centre
Next Course TBA



• Have you tried many different healing methods, therapies & processes, but still feel you have deep emotional patterns, pain, or trauma that have not yet fully healed or resolved?


• Do you resonate with unconditional love, and feel called to live your fullest potential for freedom, bliss, and joy throughout your life?


• Would you like to be able to fully heal and transform the deepest layers of emotion, pain, and negative beliefs within you that are the underlying cause of every issue, and potentially help others to heal as well?




Our deepest pains and challenges actually come from where we lack self-love.


Where we have learned that love must be conditional, and that we must meet certain standards or expectations in order to be worthy and loveable.


The truth is that we are worthy of unconditional love.


And it's when we can bring unconditional love to our deepest layers of suppressed emotions, pain, negative beliefs, and trauma, that we can truly heal anything at the deepest level.


We can heal the underlying cause, and not just the symptom.


Unconditional Love Healing 4-Day training is the ultimate journey of healing and awakening to the infinite power of love that is within you.


During the training you learn the full Unconditional Love Healing process, which you can apply to transform any issue or challenge in your life, including:


• Healing Relationship & Family Issues

• Healing Emotions and Mental Health

• Healing Physical Health Issues and Chronic Illness

• Expanding Your Abundance and Financial & Spiritual Freedom

• Healing Your Sexuality and Sexual Health

• Expanding Your Self-love, Expression and Self-Worth




You may have tried it all (different healing methods, ceremonies, cleanses, embodiment, bodywork, detoxes, therapy, NLP, meditation etc.), and done years or decades of healing, personal development and therapy. However this works with a level of depth and power that is on another level entirely.


And even if you're relatively new to the healing world and are drawn to this, you will learn powerful tools for healing, love and transformation that will serve you for the rest of your life.


The Unconditional Love Healing process creates healing in a direct, methodical and specifically targeted way.


Whatever challenge you work with, the layers of emotional pain & patterns creating it can be immediately identified and transformed, creating results that are usually extremely rapid and profound.


Ultimately, the process reconnects you to the infinite source of love that's always within you, and opens a path to share your fullest gifts of love and healing with the world.




Over the 4 full days of training you will:


● Discover the true nature and mechanism of all emotion, and each emotion's specific cause.


● Learn how to access and release the deepest layers of emotion, trauma and pain, and the beliefs that cause them, and transform the underlying root cause of any situation in the most rapid and effective way.


● Reconnect to the vibration and consciousness of unconditional love, and step into true freedom to love all of who you are, and transmit unconditional love to others.


● Learn the core emotional patterns and belief systems that influence our relationships, health, self-esteem, sexuality & abundance, and practice giving and receiving healing in all these key areas.


● Experience huge shifts and transformation throughout your life, so you come out feeling like a different, more powerful, more joyful person.


● Discover the depths of your healing gifts, and the power of your being to create healing, joy and true freedom for yourself and others.






This is more than just a healing training. This is a transmission of how to be unlimited and free as a human.


Through deep pain and darkness in our own lives, we came to find our power and joy in unconditional love, and to know that all of humanity can create the healing our hearts and souls have been calling for.


Join us for this life changing workshop, and let love also be the power in your life that will give you all you've ever been wishing for. ♥


This workshop is also the pre-requisite for our Practitioner Training. We're so excited for the next Unconditional Love Healing Practitioner Training which will commence in April 2020.






Facilitated by Unconditional Love Healing founders Simon Wing-Lun & Lora Radford, this training will run for 4 full days. Vegan/GF Morning & afternoon tea supplied each day.


Dates: TBA

Times: 9.30am-6pm each day

Location: The Leela Centre

Investment: $1444. Places are limited to a max of 10 participants.

To enquire or book your spot, simply contact us via the form below:









"Unconditional love healing has truly and profoundly changed my life. Since my first big shift in my one on one with Simon, the vibration of me and the relationships in my life has changed incredibly. I feel more "myself" than I've ever felt before. I feel more at peace and in love with my life and who I am. The first change I noticed was with my father. We connected on a deeper level and everything I've ever wanted from him was given to me in one conversation on the phone with him...and that was because I no longer made him responsible for how I felt and who I was. I saw him in his truth and loved him for that because I allowed love to fill that part of me first." - Fenda

"This workshop has shifted and cleared so many of the faulty belief systems that I have been subscribing to for most of my life. I've tried different forms of healing and it has had some effect but nothing has been as profound and deep as this. I see the world and myself differently now and this is such a gift. Thank you so much Simon and Lora for creating, teaching and holding a most amazing space for Unconditional Love. So grateful, Thank You, thank you, thank you ♥ ♥" - Camilla

"I have done a lot of healing modalities and they haven’t dealt with my root issues like Unconditional Love Healing has. I feel like I can be my authentic self free from worry and resistance. Like being born again." -Martin

"I had a shift around extreme anxiety and depression, and I walked away from a session free from the pain and suffering of this. Much love guys – THIS IS THE MOST POWERFUL COURSE ON EAERTH ♥." - Michael



Terms & Conditions

1. All healing sessions bookings are non-refundable, but sessions may be
re-scheduled if notice given within 24 hrs.

2. Training deposits and payments are non-refundable, but may be transferred to another training or credited to healing sessions if notice given at least 48hrs prior to the starting time of training.

3. As healers we provide emotional, energetic and spiritual guidance and transformation, but our services should not replace conventional medical treatment, and in the case of physical illness you should seek the advice of a doctor or qualified health professional.

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