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Couples Healing & Mentoring


Being in a conscious couple can be challenging.

All your triggers and places where you don't love yourself will usually be reflected back to you in your intimate relationships more than anywhere else.

Being in a conscious couple can be one of the most rewarding, enriching, and supportive experiences in your life.

When you allow yourself to be deeply loved and supported by another on all levels, it can take your experience of life to new heights of love and fulfilment than you ever thought possible.

Navigating the challenges of relationship, and opening to the fullest potential of relationship requires a deep level of self-love and knowing.

It requires being willing to meet and love the deepest parts of yourself, and share your deepest truth with another.

And it requires being able to see the difference between your trauma, and your authentic love, desires and needs, and to follow your own inner guidance rather than old patterns and ideas of who you should be.


When a conscious relationship get challenging, it can be immensely helpful to get support from others who have walked the path.

With years of experience in deep conscious relationship, living together, doing business together, together and learning together, Lora and I have discovered what it really takes to know and live our truth in relationship.

We have the tools to support you to find and live your deepest truth and love.

In our couples healing and mentoring programs, we work with couples both as separate individuals, and then together as a partnership, to create the best, easiest and most loving outcomes and growth experiences in any situation.

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