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Core Level
Emotional Healing

Intro evening

 @The Leela Centre 01.10.2020

Join us for our powerful introductory
evening to Unconditional Love Healing

Limited to 20 places

• Do you feel you have underlying emotional patterns, trauma or negative beliefs that are creating triggers, difficulty or stress in your current experience?

• Have you tried different healing methods and modalities, but feel you still haven’t really gotten to the core levels of your issues?

• Do you resonate with unconditional love, and would like to create an experience of love, joy and freedom in all areas of your life?


We each have the power to heal anything.

Because our lives are ultimately created by our internal patterns of beliefs and emotions, when we change inside ourselves we can transform anything in our lives.

Many healing methods work with beliefs, and some work with emotions. But most don’t work with the core levels of emotions and beliefs that are the real underlying causes of our challenges and issues.

This is why it’s common for people to often initially experience some progress with healing, personal development or therapy, but to then reach a point there they feel blocked, stuck or frustrated on their healing path


We’ve both experienced a lot of challenges, difficulties and traumas in our lives.

Like many people as a child, Simon learned to keep most of his true feelings and emotions inside, which resulted in him experiencing a lot of physical difficulties illness, and feeling like he couldn’t really be his true self in life.

And Lora was actually abducted and raped when she was 3 years old, and was also later bullied and abused multiple times, which created a lot of dysfunctional relationship experiences and stress and pain in her adult life.

From our own journeys of healing we developed the Unconditional Love Healing process, which is what has allowed us to heal so much within ourselves, and create lives that are now filled with everything we love.

Unconditional Love Healing is the fastest way possible to move through the deepest layers of emotion and trauma, and transform the beliefs causing them.

In an Unconditional Love Healing sessions we create a space of unconditional love which allows the subconscious to heal on the very deepest core level, and empowers you to:

• Deeply heal your emotions
• Transform core relationship & intimacy patterns
• Heal the underlying cause of physical pain, stress & illness
• Expand your self-love, self-confidence and self-worth
• Open to greater abundance and freedom
• Heal the deepest layers of childhood trauma or abuse

Many people who’ve done years or decades of healing and personal development work and literally felt like they’ve tried everything have found that Unconditional Love Healing helps them to heal on a deeper level than ever before, and create the transformations they’ve always been looking for.


In this special introductory evening we’ll be sharing the core principles of deep emotional healing work, including what are the true causes of emotions such as: sadness, fear & anxiety, anger, shame, jealousy, and unworthiness.

We’ll also be sharing our own stories of how we healed and transformed many issues and challenges in our own lives, and what we’ve seen people transform with this healing work.

During the evening you’ll learn some simple principles you can apply yourself at home, and we’ll also share how you can create the deepest level of healing for yourself through our Unconditional Love Healing 1 on 1 sessions and training.

If you resonate with unconditional love, and feel called to heal deeply within yourself at this time, we look forward to connecting with you!


About us:

Simon Wing-Lun & Lora Radford are the founders of Unconditional Love Healing, and directors of the Leela Centre. After living different journeys of very deep healing and transformation, life brought us together to share the healing power of unconditional love. It is our great passion to show that it is truly possible to heal anything, and that anyone can do what we have done, if you are willing to fully embrace unconditional love for all parts of yourself.


Event details:

Please note due to COVID numbers are limited to just 20 people, so online pre-booking is a must.

If you are unwell with cold/flu like symptoms please do not attend. If you feel unwell prior to the event please contact us asap and we will refund you.

Date: Thursday, 01.10.2020
Time: 6.45pm-9.15pm
Venue: The Leela Centre, Darlinghurst
Tickets: $20


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