Unconditional Love

  •  Do you know you are worthy of unconditional love?

  • Do you feel in the depth of your soul that love is who you are, and love is what you are here to bring to this planet?

  • - Do you know that unconditional love is your power to heal anything in your life, including your deepest pain and emotions, and to experience true freedom and bliss as a spiritual being?

  • - Have you been looking for how to actually be truly happy, at peace, and in love with life in this time of incredible change?


♥ Unconditional love is who we are. ♥

It is the core vibration of our soul, heart and spirit. And it is the key to deep healing and happiness.

The places wherever we have learned conditions, blocks or limits on love are where all suffering, pain and limitation is created in our lives.

As we return to unconditional love, we return to freedom.

We return to joy. To health. To peace. To connection. And to the embodiment of our most authentic and infinite selves.

The key is that this unconditional love is not just a practice or choice of the mind. This love must be an experience and practice of the heart, soul and body.

Lora Radford and Simon Wing-Lun are the founders of Unconditional Love Healing, and directors of The Leela Centre for Love & Freedom.

In this powerful evening workshop they'll be introducing the core understandings, experiences and practices of unconditional love that are the foundation of their life, work and relationship, and how we can all actually apply unconditional love to heal, create and manifest what we truly desire in all areas of life including:


♥ Self-Love & Worthiness: How do we feel that we are enough as we are and worthy of unconditional love, and how do we return to a state of feeling unconditional self-love?

♥ Relationships - What does it mean to love and be loved unconditionally, while also having boundaries and clarity in relationships?

♥ Pain & Emotions: How is our deepest pain & emotion a gift, and how do we transmute and heal pain with love?

♥ Body and Health: How can we love our bodies and state of health fully unconditionally

♥ Sexuality: What does it mean to experience our sexuality and creative power from a place of unconditional love?

♥ Money & Abundance: How is unconditional love the source of true abundance, money and financial freedom?

♥ Spiritual Growth: What is the unconditionally loving nature of our soul & spirit, and how do we align with this love to live our highest purpose. 


This workshop is about more than getting what you want. It is about being WHO YOU REALLY ARE, an infinite being of love.

The great thing about life is the more you embody the love you are, the more all you truly desire is automatically manifested and created.

A mix of teaching, energetic love transmissions and powerful practices, this event introduces what's possible through the power of unconditional love.



Date: Tuesday July 10th
Time: 6.30pm-9pm
Location: The Leela Centre, Level 2, 113-115 Oxford st Darlinghurst


Tickets are just $15 reserved online via eventbrite, or $20 on the door if still available. Places are limited so we suggest booking early:


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