Heal Your

Deepest Pain

Growing up in suburban Sydney, I had what probably appeared as
a fairly normal childhood. I hated studying but did ok at school, and
then went off to university which is just what I thought I had to do.

At university everything changed. I got constantly sick, had a lot of
back pain, and I found myself feeling more and more alone and
misunderstood. While I didn't understand at first why life had become
such a struggle, these challenges eventually led me to discover
spirituality and healing.

So instead of going into the corporate or politcal world, when I graduated
I started working full time as a spiritual healer helping people shift their
deep subconsious beliefs and energy, at first using a powerful modality
called Theta Healing.

I began to live, breathe and practice healing in every moment, learning anything and everything I could to tap into the infinite healing potential I knew is within us all. And I studied extensively in Australia and the US to become a Theta Healing Master, becoming a healing teacher when I was 25.

In the years following I helped hundreds of people heal with all sorts of issues from chronic illness, addiction, and deep emotional pain, to people who had suffered from trauma, violence and sexual abuse.


But is was the times when people didn't heal that taught me the most about healing. They caused me to search and understand what the deepest cause of all healing actually is, and how we can consistently access the healing power within us all. And what I found was that when people didn't heal, it was because there was a part of themselves they were not willing to love. It was when people were really willing to love themselves and life unconditionally, then they could truly heal anything.

So I started to change the way I practised and taught healing based on the experience and knowing within me that love is really the cause of all healing. 

And I found that even when people who've been into spirituality and healing for years or decades know all about love and the power of the mind, what actually stills blocks people from healing their deepest challenges, is that they don't know how to love their emotions. Our fear of emotional energy is so deeply ingrained in most people, that we don't know how to access the core emotions and beliefs we need to in order to heal our deepest challenges.

It's when we can love all parts of ourselves including all of our emotions, that we can heal any illness, stress or challenge we face in any area of life. Putting this into practice, I found I could help people heal more quiclky, effectively than ever in a truly unlimited way.

All these experiences which led me to change the way I was healing, and to develop and create Unconditional Love Healing, which I believe is the ultimate love based healing modality.

I love using and teaching Unconditional Love Healing so much because I know how many people have a deep knowing that we have the power to heal anything, but haven't been able to fully access or use it. So many people have been practicing healing and spirituality for years but don't feel fully empowered to heal their deepest challenges or pain.

I know Unconditional Love Healing is the answer and healing solution so many people are looking for, and so sharing and spreading this knowledge has become my greatest passion and joy.

All content copyright Simon Wing-Lun & Lora Radford 2019