Healing Sessions

Deep Emotional, Physical
& Spiritual Healing

With Simon Wing-Lun or Lora Radford


Unconditional Love Healing sessions are the fastest and most powerful way to create change in your life.

Sessions address the deepest emotional blocks, trauma, limitations and wounds from childhood and beyond that are the true root cause of any issue, and allow them to be fully resolved and released through the pure power of unconditional love.

You can create healing in your relationships, emotions, health, sexuality, self-esteem or any aspect of your life that is lasting, permanent and profound.


This is not like any other healing you've experienced. Through this specific process of transmitting love, transformation and change occurs rapidly, powerfully and profoundly, without limitation.

Session are generally done seated, and involve a specific questioning process as part of the transmission.


The process is equally effective over any distance can be done over the phone or video chat.


Unconditional Love Healing works on the level of consciousness, love and energy where we create our reality. As such any issue can be addressed. What makes it so effective is the process for bringing love to transform our deepest blocked emotions and trauma.

Examples of what we can help you to heal include:


  • Relationship and Family issues

  • Effects of Trauma & Abuse

  • Physical Health Issues and Chronic Illness

  • Anxiety, Depression and Addictions

  • Sexuality, and Sexual Health

  • Self-Love, Self-Worth and Confidence

  • Personal Freedom and Authentic Self-Expression


Booking Sessions

Sessions equally effective over phone/Skype, or in person. In person sessions are available at The Leela Centre, Darlinghurst.

A single sessions can very effective. For major life issues and transformation we recommend a package of 5 sessions which ensures you will experience a very powerful level of transformation.

A session package can be with either Lora or Simon, or you can choose to work with both of us.


Single 1 hour session: $250 AUD

5 session package: $980 AUD


For booking and availability contact us via the form below:

In 1998 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. After my healing sessions with Simon, I’ve had no fibromyalgia. Instead I’ve had consistent energy, no bed rest days. . I am daily thankful for and in awe of the consistent and (to me) miraculous results I’ve experienced from Simon’s work.     - Khryssi


I'd experienced a trail of disastrous relationships over many years. After my sessions I am now in a healthy, loving, respectful relationship with a man who is treating me better than I've ever been treated before.   - Kristy

I have completely transformed into a new person. I highly recommend Simon, as he is in a zone unparalleled by any other healer I've come across. - Gabriel


Working with Simon has helped me create profound healing in my relationship with my daughter. I'd recommend anyone seeking true change and healing to experience the power of Unconditional Love. - Eloise 

Since I live out of Sydney, Simon worked with me over the phone for a chronic lung condition. After the third session, lung tests showed improvements in function that could be measured. That was good reassurance for my for the doctor, but what I loved was being able to do so many more things - only realising afterwards that I'd been active at a level I would not have even thought of before. - Julie

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