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Unconditional Love Healing
Training - Level 3


Discover infinite abundance and the
unlimited realities within your soul

Sydney, 2022


Unlimited abundance is our true nature.

We shift through infinite realities thousands of times per second.

Unconditional Love Healing Level 3 training is a journey into the infinite abundance and possibilities of your soul.

Over 3 powerful days you'll deepen your healing experience even further and open your consciousness to the true infinite nature of reality, and the embodied experience of unlimited abundance.


  • Open your consciousness to the true nature and reality of abundance, and to the path of greatest ease and expansion for your life

  • Learn to use the full potential of Unconditional Love Healing to accelerate your experience of manifestation, and freedom to live abundantly

  • Discover the true meaning of soul purpose and destiny, and how to live your purpose in the most passionate and meaningful way

  • Release limiting belief systems and emotional patterns around money, and align with truly loving and abundant money consciousness

  • Unlock your mind from patterns and habits of playing small, and fears of being your most authentic and passionate self

  • Own the power of the infinite reflections, seeing through illusions of power in the mirror of reality and into your true creatorship

  • Live from the unlimited spark of love within you, embracing the true ecstasy of living in alignment with your heart, your soul, and life itself.


Experience the infinite within your body

Your body and the infinite are one. Your body is a vehicle of infinite abundance. Level 3 training is a portal to experiencing this truth, empowering you to continue to expand your abundance and authentic passion for the rest of your life.

The final course in our foundational training, this course is an epic journey and transmission that will shift your reality to a whole new level of freedom and abundant potentials,

2022 dates TBC.


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